Download tree from other sites

How do I down load my tree from AncestryDNA?

Do you mean download your tree from ancestry, or download your dna matches from ancestrydna? The first you can do now by creating a gedcom (let me know and I can give you instructions on how to do it); the second you will be able to do very soon.


Thanks for your help. Yes, I would like your help downloading my tree fromAncestry. However, I do also have a kit on GEDmatch. Which should I use and can you help me?


To download your tree from Ancestry, follow the instructions on this page: This will give you a GEDCOM file. When you create your tree on RootsFinder, you can upload the GEDCOM file then.

The best way to import your DNA results into RootsFinder from Ancestry is to first export your raw DNA results from Ancestry and import them to You will need a 1-month Pro plan with GEDmatch. This article explains how to export your DNA matches from GEDmatch:

Then import the DNA matches from GEDmatch into RootsFinder. This article explains how to import your DNA matches into RootsFinder:

I have a gedcom from Ancestry, how do I upload it to Rootsfinder?

When you create a new tree, you are given three options: create the tree from scratch, import it from FamilySearch, or upload a gedcom. You want the gedcom option. Let me know if you have any other questions.

I already have a rootsfinder tree, should I start a new one with my gedcom if I can’t upload it to the one I’ve got & can I then combine the new with the old tree.

You can start a new tree with your gedcom; unfortunaltely though there isn’t a way to combine two RootsFinder trees outside of copy-paste.

Merging trees is something that others have asked for as well. It’s on my roadmap for next year.