Download Media Option from Sources on Profile Pages

If I view an image in the Media viewer I get the option to download the image. This is very useful when I share the tree with relatives/friends. However the images stored in Media are not in any order so it is difficult to find a specific image, especially when there are over 3,700 images in my tree.

When I open the same Source image from an individual’s profile page there isn’t an option to download that image. I can enlarge the image but if I attempt to right click and save I get and html link not an image file. On a Mac I can drag the image on to my desktop but I’m not sure if that would work on a PC or Tablet.

Would it be possible to add a download option to the Source image including the option to save as a specific name?


I’m not sure I understand. There should be a way to download the picture, right-click on it, and save the image. I made a video. If this isn’t working the same way for you, would you please let me know?

Hi Dallan - Thanks for that - I was assuming that when I download or use right click save as it would add the correct file type eg .png or .pdf etc

I’m using Chrome on my Mac and when I right Click the image it just gives me a file but it is a web address - https___s3.amazonaws.com_media.rootscity.com_101_101268_4857341682556726-0 without file type - I can’t open the file because it doesn’t have a file type .png

If I view that file name without file type in Finder the image is there.

If however I right click use “save image as” and give it a new name plus .png it saves the file properly. Or if I rename the file with the correct file type it is OK.

If I drag the image to the desktop on my Mac it adds the .png file type to the end of the name.

On the media viewer there is a download option at the top of each image when I use that option it opens a new browser with the same file name without the file type .png as above if I just drag the image to the desktop it adds the .png file

Is it possible for rootsfinder to add the file type in automatically?

If not I can at least explain to my relatives in Australia how to grab a source file using save as and adding the correct file type.

Thanks a s always for your quick response