Does GEDCOM export format suffixes (and possibly prefixes) correctly

The GEDCOM export for a person with a suffix formats as follows:

1 NAME Charles Albert Frank /Pitman/ MSM
2 GIVN Charles Albert Frank
2 SURN Pitman

When imported into some other software (acknowledging the error might be there), the suffix is uploaded twice.

I’ve rummaged around and found a rather old (2010) reference that indicates that the NAME entry should only have 2 parts where the details are given in the following lines.

“The GEDCOM standard, including examples, makes it clear that all of the name, including the prefixes/suffixes must be in the text on the “NAME” line, simply separated into only two parts. Optionally, all of the name may also be separated into more than two parts using the set of name parts.” This was for GEDCOM 5.5 so think should still be current.

Can you please confirm whether you think Rootsfinder is formatting this correctly or not? If not, I’ll have to pursue elsewhere.

The context is that I want to be confident that if I commit substantial content to RootsFinder I can use the GEDCOM export as a viable backup. At the moment I’m finding a few issues with that and will try to unpack them one at a time (not necessarily Rootsfinder issues).

I hadn’t heard of that rule before. Let me do a couple of tests as well and if it does import the suffix twice like what you’re seeing then I’ll fix it. Thanks for letting me know.

You’re absolutely right. I’ll get that fixed tomorrow and let you know.

This is working correctly now.

Thanks for letting me know about the issue.

Thanks - works as expected now. A small issue but thanks for giving it attention.

Also have now confirmed that this addressed the similar issue with prefixes.

That’s great!