DNA Tools - match catagory questions

When you are identifying a match, I see these options, and not sure of the distinctions and when one is better than the other.

Unknown is self explanatory
Someone in my tree. OK, I have a BIG tree, so if they are a 6th cousin and in my tree, I use this? Or do I only use it for direct line?

Descendant of a couple in my tree. OK, I’m guessing that is maybe someone whose ancestors are in my tree but I never developed that line? So if granduncle line is just a stub and I find someone descended from that person, I use this selectioon?

In the family line of someone in my tree - OK, how is that different from the above?

If these are explained someplace I’ve missed it and I may be tagging people wrong as a result so an explanation of what they mean and when they’d be the right selection to use would be appreciated. Pointers always welcome.

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These are good questions. We’re still working on the documentation. Here are the answers:

  1. Someone in my tree: if you know exactly who the kit belongs to, and that person is already in your tree, select this option

  2. Descendant of a couple in my tree: if you know that the kit belongs to a person who is descended from a couple in your tree, but you don’t have that person in your tree (say it’s your sixth cousin and your tree contains your common ancestor couple but not your sixth cousin), select this option.

  3. In the family line of someone in my tree: If you’re not sure who the kit belongs to, but you know that the kit belongs to someone who is related to you through a particular line (say your paternal grandfather’s line), then select this option.


Thanks, I wish I had #3 :slight_smile: Got too many where dna says related but no clue where they fit (i.e., unknowns). Having any #3s would so be a high point for me


Yeah, I get jealous when I see others who have assigned many, many kits to known lines in their tree :slight_smile:

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