DNA Import match list from GEDMatch

In a newly added profile adding the GEDmatch one to many tier 1 beta via copy/paste the 1501 people apparently on the screen only result in 1496 matches in the list, 2 of those excluded being the ones I’m doing this to find and analyse (of course)
I did the copy/paste into spreadsheet (actually LibreOffice) and created a csv version, which definitely has the two matches I’m missing in it, and presumably the other 3 or so whoever they are,
But that option to import fails with the message
about import not recognized please contact support, which is what I’m doing here
where are my missing matches please.

PS the same two kits were missing on my profile import too but when I did those I hadn’t fully checked they were in the file and on the screen and just assumed they’d not yet finished processing. This new profile was easier to check given the count should have matched