DNA Import match list from GEDMatch

In a newly added profile adding the GEDmatch one to many tier 1 beta via copy/paste the 1501 people apparently on the screen only result in 1496 matches in the list, 2 of those excluded being the ones I’m doing this to find and analyse (of course)
I did the copy/paste into spreadsheet (actually LibreOffice) and created a csv version, which definitely has the two matches I’m missing in it, and presumably the other 3 or so whoever they are,
But that option to import fails with the message
about import not recognized please contact support, which is what I’m doing here
where are my missing matches please.

PS the same two kits were missing on my profile import too but when I did those I hadn’t fully checked they were in the file and on the screen and just assumed they’d not yet finished processing. This new profile was easier to check given the count should have matched

I was just re-engaged by FMP to handle RF support. If this is still happening, could you email me the kit that you’re trying to import along with the names of the two kits that aren’t importing? I will look into it.

dallan at rootsfinder.com

Dallan, I sent you an email explaining that I’d found the missing kits marked as hidden.

I’ve been thinking about this further, and I’m absolutely positive that I did not hide the 2 kits on this new profile.
After all I was importing an entirely new match list into an absolutely newly created profile, which is how come I even noticed the count didn’t reflect expectations.
So it does seem (to me) to be a bit of cross-fertilisation across DNA profiles within the same project/tree.
I may well have hidden them on another DNA profile in the same project/tree where I was exploring their mother’s ancestry, rather than their father’s as I was in this case.

My assumptiion/expectation is that Hide this kit from all views works only on the views for this ONE profile, nothing to do with any of the other DNA profiles in the project / tree.
eg if I’ve siblings tested, I don’t want them to clutter up the views in the profiles for their sibling, but may well want to show them all in those for eg 2nd cousins’ profiles/views.

You’re right, if you hide a kit on one profile it is hidden on all profiles. I’m sorry for the confusion.

Perhaps it would be helpful if an x kits hidden count was displayed on the filters / settings bar?