DNA Edit match box too large

This being from a GEDmatch profile.
Having clicked on a match in the list for a profile, selected edit ffor any one of the DNA kits and try to do anything the resulting edit screen is very large, extending beyond the bottom of my visible screen (Chrome, Win10, admittedly this does not see happen on Mac Ventura, chrome)
The save button is out of view.
Have to click the header, hold and shift the edit box up to get the save button visible.
Cannot seem to be able to re-size it.
Every time.
This has been an annoying issue for quite some time, should have reported it much earlier eg when Wimn10 was current!
Haven’t checkked win11, this machine supposedly can’t run it.

Could you please send me a screenshot? You can either attach it here or send it to dallan@rootsfinder.com. I don’t have a Windows 10 machine, so a screenshot will help me understand what’s going on better.

Thank you