Ditch Ancestral File Numbers on GEDCOM import?

Doe anyone else have this problem? What do you think: In my GEDCOM, I had a lot of old AFN (Ancestral File Number) entries that created a very long list of evidences for me. While, as a genealogist, I am typically loath to abandon any detail, this information still lives on in FamilySearch, and the new FamilySearch Tree ID number is imported with my GEDCOM as well. So I can go look up the old AFN number if I ever need it…which I have not ever needed in the ~20 years since that number “fell” into my GEDCOM. Personally I’m thinking that they do me more harm than good at this point because they clutter the screen, and I’d be ok with those not being imported into RootsCity. Should we have Dallan make a global rule that old Ancestral File Number data just does’t get imported?

speaking personally, I would be happy not to have them. I am sure there are a variety of them in my files, but it is not something that I have ever found useful.

Yes, avoiding import of AFN numbers is desirable. Reference back to Ancestral File is not useful now, and the semi-unique identifier aspect is better served (although not too well) by the FS id.