Deleting unlinked "strays" from family tree

My tree has a number of unlinked “strays” as a result of downloading additional generations from FamilySearch and then unlinking them from the individuals in my tree (because the links were inaccurate or questionable). The strays remain as “people” in the family tree file, so they clutter up the “People” section.

Is there a way to efficiently remove these strays from my tree?

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately not. I will add this as a requested feature.

Are they completely unlinked, or are they linked to a small family, but the family isn’t linked to the root of the tree?

Hi - thanks. It’s a mixture of both, depending on what settings were used when importing the underlying FamilySearch tree (unfortunately the tree I’m working is a very popular one on FamilySearch with tons of questionable links and duplications). I would want the ability to purge any individuals who weren’t linked to the root of the tree.