Deleting Media from a Family Tree

In the latest tree I created that goes back to just my grandparents, somehow there is media included that connects eight generations back to my wife. This is erroneous and not what I wanted. In the media review scree, there is a provision to delete those individual photos that have nothing to do with the tree I want o create. My question is does this delete the photos from just my tree of from the Rootsfinder database.

There is not a global RootsFinder database. Each tree is separate. So when the photos are deleted from your tree, they are deleted from RootsFinder. But they are not deleted from FamilySearch.

I’m sorry, but you’re contradicting yourself. If deleting people / photos from my tree deletes them from Rootsfinder, then it is a global database. My only solution then is to delete that tree, hope those photos and people are no longer in my media list, and make a new tree.

Similar to other genealogy websites, all of the trees at rootsfinder are stored in a database on a central server. If you delete photos from your tree, they will be deleted from the database server. Or if you delete your entire tree, your photos will be deleted from the database server.