Deleted hints reappear

This morning I confirmed what I’d vaguely suspected before: 2-year-old hints that I deleted yesterday have reappeared on the same ancestor’s profile page. I deleted them again, so we’ll see what happens.

While I’m on the subject, I’ve also come across profile pages in my tree that have large numbers of “archived” hints. I don’t think I’ve ever archived any hints since the earliest days of my account, when I archived two or three just to see how it all worked. So I’m wondering if perhaps hints I deleted are being archived instead, obliging me to delete them again.

In case it matters, “Show archived” is unchecked in my Hints & To-Dos list setting. Also in case it matters, I do create To-Dos quite often. I don’t know if that has any effect on the Hints function.

I’ll review the hint archive / deletion code. I can’t completely delete a hint - if I do, it shows up again the next time hints are requested, as you are seeing. But when a user deletes a hint, it’s supposed to go into a “deleted” mode and stick around but become invisible. Maybe that broke somewhere along the way. I’ll check into it.

Can you give me the URL of the person that you’re suspecting has hints showing up again, and the source (name) of the hint that showed up again? I just tested hints, and I got what appeared to be the same hint back, but it was actually a hint to a different record in the same collection. If you’ll send me the URL of the person with the re-appearing hints, I’ll send you a list of all of the hints (including the deleted ones) so we can verify whether the same hint re-appeared or a hint to a different record in the same collection.

I’m gonna have to wait for another instance of the seemingly-reappearing hints. The one I was thinking of when I posted this, I deleted the hint a second time and it has stayed deleted. I’m bookmarking this for when I find another example, though.