Deleted and Fixed Warnings Reappear

Having fixed an unknown gender warning, it will not go away. I have repeatedly deleted or archived the warning, but it keeps reappearing the next to I visit or update the profile. DJ


I’m not sure what’s going on. Here’s a video showing it appears to be working for me, so I’m going to need your help tracking this down.

The next time you see that unknown gender warning, before you archive it, could you please

  1. right-click somewhere on the screen,
  2. select “Inspect” from the menu
  3. select the “Console” tab
  4. now archive the warning,
  5. Does any red text appear in the console? If so, could you send it to me?

If nothing appears in the console, could you please send me the URL of the page that has the re-appearing warning?

If you like, feel free to send them to me by email: dallan at

Thank you!