Customize Citation link makes text-form citation disappear

I just opened my tree, and something strange is going on. When I click on an Event and then click the edit icon to adjust the citation in tab 3 “Source,” clicking on the “customize citation” link causes the text citation to disappear. If I then click “Reset Citation,” the text reappears. But I can’t edit it, because it disappears if I try.

I went into a different individual in my tree, whose citations I’d already cleaned up. When I open an event, the text citation appears in the timeline view, as it should. If I go in to edit the citation, though, the same thing happens, as described above. In that case, I just clicked the “X” to close the event pop-up, because I didn’t want it to save the event with the deleted citation text.

This problem renders me unable to do pretty much any of the work I need to do on my tree, so I’ll eagerly await a reply.


Hi, you’ve caught me right in the middle of a big code re-arrangement to enable us to launch a mobile app late this year. I’ll take a look at this as soon as the re-arranging is finished. Should be in the next two days.

Happens to me, too. In addition, editing a previously entered Event or Fact reveals an empty field for Notes / Comments / Transcription. Odd, because the data is still there when the person’s profile is viewed.:thinking:

I updated to a new version of the rich-text editor and it caused the text to disappear, even though it was still there. I fixed the problem in - should work now if you refresh your browser. I will fix the similar problem in the WebClipper tonight.

Thank you both for reporting the problem! And thanks for your patience.

When I go to edit a citation, I am still getting a blank field except for a “reset citation” sign to the right.

Yeah, this happens to me too. If I do reset the citation, and then click “customize citation,” the text doesn’t disappear again - I can then customize it. However, if I save those changes, go back out to the timeline view, and then go back in to edit the citation again, the text is gone again in the edit tab. So I have to reset it again, and edit from that point every time.

[Edited to add]: Now it’s back to the way it was the last few days, with the disappearing text. I don’t know, maybe Dallan is tweaking it as I write this? I also had a problem a few minutes ago where I could only enter in a single character at a time in the Page field, then the cursor would jump away. But then it stopped doing that, too.

Long story. It should be fixed now (finally). You’ll need to refresh your rootsfinder tab if you have one open. Please let me know if you still experience problems.

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