Create a child through a source - need to prompt for other parent

If you add a source to a person’s page and “add others who appear on the record” and select to add a child, the child will be added as if the child’s other parent is unknown (see screenshot below). I think you will have to add a prompt for whether this child is a child of a known spouse or an unknown spouse. Alternately, you might have to disallow adding a child in this way.

BTW: This seems like a perfectly reasonable way to add a family from a census record (head, spouse, children). In this case, the spouse might be a new record and would have to be included in the prompt.

I’m curious, did the record you added just list one parent?

When you add an evidence with a child and one parent, and when that parent has an existing spouse, I could ask whether to create a new family or add to the existing family. But I’m curious how often one-parent records occur in real life.

One-parent records do occur pretty often, as in census listings where one parent or the other is dead or living/working elsewhere. I have many census listings with an aging widow and her two grown daughters still living at home. (And before 1880, you might not even know whether they were daughters.) And I have quite a few death certificates where the information about the deceased was supplied by someone identified on the form as “daughter” (or whatever), with no indication of the other parent (because it wasn’t relevant to the event).

In adding a child to a family, it might be preferable to always ask about the other parent. TMG uses a pop-up that asks you to choose among “Spouse #1,” “Spouse #2” [etc], “Create new spouse,” or “Spouse unknown.” This can always be edited and changed later as more info becomes available.

Ok, if there is only one parent listed in a source, and a family already exists for that parent, we’ll have the system prompt whether to add the child to the existing family or create a new family with an “Unknown” spouse.