Content Lists - Notes

The content lists generally look good, however, the one with Notes seems to have formatting issues if the notes are longer than a couple of lines. I created this file via gedcom import. It may be that the expected usage would be to have biographical information under Stories rather than Notes, but I have a habitually used Notes for this in the past. (my browser is Chrome)

To clarify, you’re saying the notes that were created via GEDCOM import have really long titles?

What if we were to restrict the note title in GEDCOM import to the first 60 characters or so, and put all of the GEDCOM note contents in the note text field?

Sorry, that was not a clear bug report.

I believe that there is a display issue with some notes where the text in the display overlays other notes. See attached image. I am not sure how you extract a short version of the text to display on this list.

. Sometimes it seems to make it too long.

My other comment was really irrelevant to the problem. I was just pointing out that I personally have used the Notes field for biographical information.

Notes have titles, which are expected to be short, and contents, which can contain several pages of text. The titles show up in the list. You see the text when you click on a title. I can truncate the title so only the first two lines are displayed.

But it appears we may have another issue here. Did these notes come from a gedcom import? If so, we need to either (a) put only the first 80 characters of the gedcom note into the title so that the note titles aren’t so long, or (b) get rid of note titles, put everything in note contents, and just display the first line or two of the note contents in the list. I’ll create a separate feedback item soliciting comments on this.

Hi Dallan

My notes did come from a GEDCOM import. All were originally built using Family Tree Maker. It does not have the idea of a short title a the top of notes. I would suggest option B above.

I’ve constrained the list cells to not overflow. Whether to keep note titles has been moved to a different topic, so closing this bug.