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No, the rootsfinder ID doesn’t show up anywhere in the UI, just in the URL. I didn’t expect people would have to use it very often.

Tomorrow I’ll add it to the upper-right corner of the profile header, and I’ll figure out why Isaac isn’t showing up as a possible match. He really ought to.

I’ve added the ID to the upper-right corner of the profile header, and I’ve improved the matching so hopefully you won’t have to use it. Please let me know if the new matching needs work.

Thank you for your response, I will give it a try, sorry for the delay, I was out of town visiting family, of course they found projects for me while there, so now I am back to work on the family tree, especially during rainy days.
I’m attaching a PDF that someone sent me that has a comprehensive family tree, I love it as it shows husband/wife relationships with children but also shows ex-wives as well. I’m trying to find out how he was able to print… But this is what I had in mind.
Thank youDan

September 21 |

Hi Dan,

If you added additional people to FamilySearch, you can add them to RootsFinder by navigating to someone in RootsFinder that’s related to one of the new people that you added to FamilySearch. In RootsFinder, click the FamilySearch icon, then select “Download more generations”. This will add relatives from FamilySearch who aren’t already in RootsFinder to RootsFinder.

If you added new information on FamilySearch to people who you’ve already imported into RootsFinder, then navigate to the person in RootsFinder that you want to add the information to, click the FamilySearch icon, and select “Compare with FamilySearch”. This will allow you to copy (sync) the information from FamilySearch into RootsFinder.

Regarding printing the entire family tree, we don’t currently have a way to print everyone in the tree. It seems like a good idea though, and we are currently in the process of adding a few new reports. Can you explain more about what you are thinking? Would the report pages look like the web pages? What would you change?

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September 18 |

Chris, That is a great reason for using the rootsfinder… I just started and did my initial export/import, and yesterday updated/added additional records into Familysearch, How do I get them to Rootsfinder (Sync)?? Also, being new and a pain to you, is there a way to print the entire family tree…
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Yes that’s right. It is only a small thing so its fine if that change isn’t
made but I would sure like it.

And for me so far it has been every person that I have dealt with. If you
want I can send a video of how long it takes. When I first used rootsfinder
it didn’t take that long but then later it got consistently slow. As a side
note, the wifi that I use is not terribly slow either (like 10 mbps).
Here is a person that has taken 20 seconds to copy sources. AND


The attachment didn’t come through unfortunately. You can’t print the entire family tree, but you can now print all of the descendants of someone, or all of the ancestors of someone, using the Descendants report or the Ancestors report.

And yes, if you uploaded additional records into FamilySearch, you can get them into RootsFinder by navigating to the RootsFinder person that has new information in FamilySearch, clicking on the FamilySearch icon in the toolbar, clicking on “Compare”, then copying the new information over into your tree. (I have some ideas for making this process smoother, but this is what you need to do right now.)

Chris, I spent this morning trying to improve the speed of the FS compare screen. Can you please refresh your browser and try it again? I added this source:

George Beebe in the Membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830-1848.

to FamilySearch, and it took about 5 seconds. (Please feel free to remove it from FamilySearch if it shouldn’t be there.)

If it’s still slow, a video would be awesome.

If it’s not too much trouble, if you create a video, could you do me a favor and include the “Network” information at the bottom of the screen, like in the screenshot below? To get the network information in Chrome, right-click somewhere on the screen, select “Inspect”, click on the “Network” tab, and make sure the “Record” button at the far left of the toolbar is red - that means recording is on.

Yes! It is so much better. Thanks!

I decided to record my screen anyway so if you want to see it here you are
(I also included task manager stuff)

I’m really happy to hear that!

For some reason I don’t see a video attached. Would you mind emailing it to me? I’m

Thank you!