Compare with FamilySearch

I have a tree called “Conger” and I put some of my wife’s ancestors in there, but they are not being recognized with the synchronization very well.

For instance, Juan Jose Fiero Ramirez in FamilySearch has a PID of KWFW-3DS in FamilySearch but when I try to synchronize him by choosing his profile it gives LRVB-SZY as a recommendation. LRVB-SZY is shown as living. As for some background, I had KWFW-3DS listed as living, then gave his death date and place and then tried synchronizing again and it still gave LRVB-SZY (living).

Could you try this again? I can find KWFW-3DS in FamilySearch, but I can’t find LRVB-SZY. I’m curious if it still suggests LRVB-SZY and not KWFW-3DS, or since it’s been a few days now since you marked KWFW-3DS deceased, if it now suggests KWFW-3DS.

I may need to add the ability for you to enter a specific ID in the “match” screen so you can match to it, when FamilySearch doesn’t include the right person in the list of people to match. If it still doesn’t suggest KWFW-3DS, I will do that.