Can't open the Rootsfinder Gedcom Importer

I have a Gedcom of some 2,000 people that I want to import from MacFamilyTree, to help me improve my Source/Citation growth and accuracy. The MFT database has a good number of photo images and hundreds of Source Images that I want to bring over. When I try to bring up the RF Gedcom Importer though, it tells me it “…can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. The software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.” Is there a ready fix?

Is Dallan Q still active on the Forum?

I’m sorry - I’ve been out of town. I’ll look at this when I get back next week.

It’s a big relief to know that you’re still there, Dallen, and most certainly you need some relief from time to time. I was worried when I hadn’t seen much of any activity since May. Thanks for all the great support you’re providing.

Thanks, Lorna for your response. First, may I presume that when you mention RM or RootsMagic you actually meant RF or RootsFinder? I have not yet taken the step to create a new empty file in RootsFinder because I realized that the Gedcom I created included Private Notes and decided I needed to create another Gedcom without them. I hadn’t taken that step since I was still waiting to hear about the RootsFinder Gedcom Importer. So I have not actually tried to import the Gedcom file into RF yet. Are you thinking that when I take that step, to actually import, the RF Gedcome Importer will come alive?

I found a workaround that’s pretty easy. After downloading the app, locate the app using Finder. Control-click on the app and select Open from the shortcut menu. Then choose Open again. You can now double-click on the app and it will open normally in the future.

Here’s more information.

Thanks very much, Dallan. I’ll give it a try.