Can't invite same user/email address to see multiple trees

I invited my cousin to view my master tree, all went fine UNTIL I invited him to view a second tree. He received the invitation & he clicked to accept & when the RootsFinder came up he said he started filling in everything like he did the first time with the first tree…same email, user name etc…I think he got a message “user already exists” or something like that then he clicked “already have an account” & he logged in & the 2nd tree I invited him to is not showing up & also he did not receive a confirmation email like he did after accepting invite (& logging in to) my master tree. So, he gave me another email address to try with a different email address & it worked fine but now he had 2 accounts. I told him I would try to figure out what he or I did wrong. I can share more than one tree with him, using only one email, right? Surely, I would think. Please advise, Thanks.

The problem is when he accepted the second invitation, he should have clicked on the link to log in, under “Already Registered?” instead of registering the second time.

If he logs out of his second account, you send him a second invitation, he clicks on the link to accept the invitation, and he clicks on the link to log in under Already Registered, he should be able to access the second tree from his original account.

Please let me know if he runs into any problems.

I just enlarged and bolded the “Already have an account?” link on the registration page to make it stand out more.

Thanks, I bet that will help! Well I deleted both of my cousins invitations & sent another to his main email a while back. I will call him just to make sure he is good on his end. Thanks Dallen! :slight_smile: