Can't always view Gedmatch trees from DNA Matches with Tree Link

Sometimes when I select a kit and click the Gedmatch Tree link eg

I get the following Error Message

ERROR(44) Not Logged in (

I’m logged into to Gedmatch and Gedmatch Genesis.

This doesn’t happen on all Gedmatch tree links others work fine and takes me to the Gedmatch tree

All the Wikitree links work OK its just some of the Gedmatch links that produce an error message.

Any thoughts for example is it because a tree has been removed from Gedmatch?

It’s because GEDmatch doesn’t like links into their site that come from another website (which includes rootsfinder unfortunately). To get around this you need to:

  1. Log into GedMatch.
  2. Select ‘One-to-many’ matches .
  3. Enter your kit number and click Display Results .
  4. Use Control-F to find the kit number you want the tree for on the page.
  5. Click on the GED link, select a GEDCOM to examine, then click on the Pedigree link.

Thanks Dallan

It’s strange that some links to Gedmatch trees work but others don’t. Which suggests that whatever Gedmatch is doing to block external links doesn’t always work.

That’s why I thought it was a different problem.