Cannot attach FamilySearch Source to Rootsfinder using Compare

I used the web clipper to upload an source to FamilySearch using Compare in Rootsfinder. I then deleted it from Rootsfinder because it recorded too many instances in Rootsfinder (Name, Death, Birth etc.) and I only selected Birth and Death events. I did my tagging in FamilySearch and went to see if I could just use Compare and pull it down from FamilySearch but found I was unable to attach the record to Rootsfinder. It will allow me to attach using Rootsfinder web clipper but it will not just add it. I don’t want to use the web clipper and I only want one instance or only the instances where it is tagged to an event. Am I doing something wrong?

It could be a bug. Could you give me the URL of the person you’re comparing, and the name of the source you’re trying to copy over? I’ll see if I have the same problem copying it over and fix it.

By the way, if you don’t want the extra facts with the Clipper, you can go to the persons tab (tab 4) and click on the X’s at the right of the lines to remove them.

Here is the URL. The source I’m trying to move over is the his U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947 [database on-line]

You suggested to remove the extra facts with the Clipper by removing them however I didn’t see one for the Name.

Yes, removing the name is a bit trickier. You have to backspace over the name fields to remove the text.

I’ll look into the other problem.

I believe I have fixed the problem. Thank you for reporting it! If you have a RootsFinder tab still open, you’ll need to refresh the tab to get the latest code.

Please let me know if it still has problems.

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Yes, thanks so much. It did fix the problem and I have been able to clean those duplicate name sources. As always you guys are very responsive. I will continue to spread the word about you folks at Rootsfinder.

Thank you for spreading the word!