Can To-Do List be made private?

I would like to request that To Do items be made private and not show up unless logged in. It doesn’t seem that other users would need to see my to-do list of things I want to do for a particular profile. Thanks.

It’s good to know that a public tree shows to-do lists!

I did a little test. Making the tree private under the Pro Plan hides the to-do list unless logged in.

I personally prefer my to do list to be private, even on a public tree. I prefer public sharing of my trees, but if my to-do item is something like “verify dad’s name and ask my cousin”, that kind of thing doesn’t need to be public for a visitor. Just my two cents. :grinning:

That makes sense - there isn’t really a reason for the public to see your todo list. I will add this to my ToDo list. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! You are the best!

ToDos (and hints) are no longer shown to “guests” on public trees. You have to be invited to see ToDos and hints.

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Thank you!