Can the 'Add new person' window be more data entry friendly?

It takes quite a few tabs to tab into the first field for typing, and it doesn’t seem possible to tab into the ‘Deceased/Living’ field or the ‘Male/Female’ field. It would be helpful if the minimum number of tabs to get through the screens were available. I find I have to use the mouse several times just to enter a few pieces of information, and it would be very helpful if this could be reduced.

Hmm looks like you can tab into the radio button fields but nothing defaults there. Perhaps defaulting one or other value would help (and then the arrow keys choose the correct value).

Also when adding a child it would be helpful if the last name of the father were to default in (where existing father)

Try it now. I’ve defaulted the gender and living radio buttons so you can tab into them now, and I’ve set the focus on the fields you’re most likely to want to input. I’ve done the same thing with the add-evidence dialog. Let me know if anything else could be improved.

Thanks. This is much improved.