Can GEDCOM export set root person correctly?

It’s not a biggie, but when the exported GEDCOM is opened in other programs they don’t seem to recognise the source/root person for the file. Is there a way to identify this in the GEDCOM?

I thought the root person was showing up correctly. I will check on this. Can you tell me what program you’re importing into?

I mainly use Reunion which seems tonbe defaulting to a person several generations down from the root person.

I’m trying to figure this out. Most programs use the first person listed in the GEDCOM as the root person of the tree, so we export the root person as the first person in the GEDCOM. Reunion must do something different.

Would you please export a GEDCOM from a reunion tree and email it to, and tell me who the root person should be? I will try to figure out what Reunion expects to indicate the root person in the GEDCOM.

Looks like this is a reunion issue. They seem to randomly assign the home person on import. If I do two gedcom exports with the only difference being 2 different ‘home’ people, the files exported are the same. This suggests that the identification of the home person is internal to the file only and is not represented on exported GEDCOM files. This also suggests it doesn’t interpret anything in an existing GEDCOM in order to set the home person, as it does seem to be random.

I don’t think you can do anything to resolve this, but thanks for considering.

Sorry. Maybe you could ask them to use the first person in the file as the root person. It’s a convention that most other programs follow.

Thanks Dallan
I’ve raised the matter with them.

Hi again. I’ve got to the bottom of this one.

Reunion opens to the home ‘Family’ not home person.

“The home family is the family that appears when you open a family file. To go back home, click the Home button on the bottom bar. (Some folks refer to this as the home page or the home person.)”

The home family is set using the first family record on the file not the first person record. Having looked at one of my exported files, the first family on the file is the one that Reunion is opening to. I’ve tested swapping the family for the RF home person to the top of the list and it works perfectly.

So… again not a biggie, but would be great if Reunion were able to open to the exported GEDCOM to the family of the home person on RootsFinder rather than a random family (with the lowest @…@ FAM reference number).

With thanks in anticipation.


PS Is it OK to update closed items or do I need to create a new one? I’ve noticed adding comments doesn’t reopen it.

Thank you for tracking that down. I will give this to the developer who does the GEDCOM export.

The answer was quite simple once I got to the bottom of it. Happy to contribute :smile:

This should be working now. Please let me know if it isn’t.

It appears to be ‘working’ albeit with a slightly different interpretation of family than I was expecting. I was anticipating that the home person would be the husband or wife in the home family, but you seem to have selected the parents of the home person to be the husband/wife. Where there are no parents of the home person in the tree, the first family record seems to revert to being random.

Ah, I misunderstood. I can make that change, but what should happen if the home person isn’t married? Should it take the parents’ family then?

That would be fine.