Automatic link format in text fields

I’m aware that the WYSIWYG text editor in (for example) the edit event and edit source forms is a 3rd party plugin, so I don’t know how big an ask this is, but…

Could there be a toggle/preference setting that makes it so the text editor does not automatically turn anything that looks like a URL into a clickable link? For the most frequent example, anytime I’m writing a citation to a source that is on, I currently have to outsmart the text editor when entering the name of that website by typing “Ancestry”, space, “.com” and then the rest of the line, and then move the cursor back and eliminate the space, leaving the un-hyperlinked site name

I’m aware that the Text Editor’s button bar includes a link button, and I could highlight the auto-hyperlinked text, click the link button, and delete the address field from the link… but even if I go to that trouble, the link is broken but the text stays colored blue and underlined, so it still looks like it’s a link. Argh.

Edited to add: Now that I’ve posted this, I see that the irony toggle is switched on: the two instances of the Ancestry website’s full name in my post have been automatically made into links.

Yeah, this is a pretty common feature. I don’t know of a way to turn it off. I like your ancestry space .com idea. I’ve also seen “ancestry dot com”. Sorry.