Attaching existing media as supporting evidence and vice versa

I’m a little confused by the way media attachments work and wonder if you can enlighten please.

If I attach a document as media linked to the person, in the first instance, there is no way to reuse that media as supporting evidence for an event. It has to be uploaded again = duplication.

If I attach a document as media directly linked as supporting evidence for an event, I have no control over how that media is named, it just gets a default name. It appears on the ‘Media’ tab and from there I can rename it, link it to the person so it appears in the media area for that person. However, the new name given doesn’t reflect in the supporting evidence section.

So, I guess I’m trying to do something simple, upload a document, use it as supporting evidence for one or more facts, give it a meaningful name and have that appear wherever the document appears.

Have I missed something or is there more work to do to tie these together better?



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We definitely need an “attach existing media” option when creating an evidence. It’s been on my mind but hasn’t made it to the top of the list yet. I’ll work on it during the next few months.

Thanks Dallan. Will be a valuable addition.

Thank you for this. I was thinking It was just me and trying to work out what I was doing wrong.