Assign source(s) to a note?

It does not appear that there is a currently a way in RootsFinder to attach a source to a note. Is this something that could be considered? In my desktop genealogy program (Reunion 11) I use the notes fields heavily, and include inline source citations in the text:

Hello Samuel,
Great idea. I’ll pass it on to the developers.

Just to clarify, are you asking to be able to attach a Source to a Note, or to be able to add source citations to the end of notes?

Ideally, to be able to add multiple citations within one note, like in the screenshot above. See how the cursor is next to source 195, and the source detail appears at the bottom of the window? Then at the end of the quoted passage there is a citation to a different source; if I put the cursor next to that footnote number (780), that source would appear at the bottom of the window.

I realize this might be a tall order for the way sources are set up in Rootsfinder. If at least sources could be attached to a note the way they are to an event, that would be good. The problem would then be, how do you indicate which source refers to which statement in the note? Splitting up all my notes into multiple notes so that I could assign a different source to each statement would be very unwieldy. Plus I don’t know how that would translate if you tried to generate a report (I haven’t looked closely at the reports feature yet).

I agree it would be difficult to add sources to specific parts of each note in our model. What if each source had a unique URL, and you inserted the source URL into the note?

You mean like an inline source citation as a parenthetical? Yeah, I think that could be a workable solution. I personally am not a fan of putting whole URLs in short-form citations, because they are often quite long and break the flow of the text as you read it. A solution to that for this purpose might be to have the short-form citation itself be a hyperlink to the unique URL which has been assigned for it. If what I mean is unclear I can describe it in more detail later on; I’m running out the door to work now. :wink:

I think that’s a workable solution. I’ll add it to the Roadmap.

Making sure I understand you, do you mean what if each evidence (i.e., each citation of a source) had a unique URL?

yes, I meant each Evidence, not each Source

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