Alternate names

I would like to be able to have multiple names (biological, adopted, alias, nicknames, etc.). Is that possible?

Yes. Just add a new fact and call it a “Name” fact. You’ll then have the option to enter the type of name and the name itself.

Thank you, Dallan!

Oops. I guess I didn’t define the problem properly. When I simply add another name (so that the person can be found under either surname), the newly added name becomes the target person’s brother (in the parents and siblings box) instead of just an alternate name. Am I missing something?

Thank you again,


First, navigate to the person’s page, Click on the plus sign to the right of the Timeline header near the top of the page. You should see a menu that says add event/fact and add story. Choose add event/fact. A dialog box should pop up. Choose Name for the type of fact and click Next. Now you can select the type of name by clicking on the Name dropdown label, and you can also enter the name itself. Keep clicking Next until you can click Save.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you, Dallan. The problem turns out to be FamilySearch. It does not handle different roles for parents well and keeps inserting/overlaying my data both in its database and in my RF database. I don’t suppose we can have some kind of “ignore FamilySearch” substitution for a specific fact or name?


Can you give me a URL that shows the problem?

Notice the parents and siblings block where this man is shown as his own sibling. (He had no siblings with these parents. He did have half siblings with this father.)


Actually, the person under his parents is himself. I recently changed the label under the parents from Children to Siblings. It looks like that’s confusing. I will change it back to Children, meaning children of the parents, which includes himself.

Ah, I see. That follows the usage at FamilySearch and does make sense.

Thank you for clarifying.