Additional instructions needed in the demo videos

Please add the clarification of the matching options in the demo video “Color code your DNA kits” that were posted in the forum response to the DNA Tools - match category questions. Please add instructions that scroll down to the color selection. Please add instructions about when you should select a color and when you should leave the selection as “Don’t override”.

Please also include instruction on the best match selections when a kit can be classified in more than one category. Example…when the person is in your tree because you know their connection to another a relative AND you are also DNA connected but yet to discover the specific relationship. For instance…you have a DNA match cousin who has a half sibling with a common mother. Your connection to your DNA match cousin is on their paternal line. However, you also match the half sibling indicating that there is a relationship on the two person’s maternal line.

Please add information to the Get Help video or create another short video on the 2 additional drop down options from the question mark. I see there is one for the community forum however, it would be helpful to refer to it in the Get Help video so that knows the video is available.

Thank you for the suggestions! I will pass them along.