Adding new matches from Gedmatch

Dallan, I’ve tried to add updated matches from Gedmatch. The names are coming in, but the segment data isn’t. So the new matches are not appearing in the cluster graph. I have another cousin’s data processing today so i really HOPE to be able to add him( and the others) soon. Acc 9473. Previously wrote to you about get a “HTML code” not recognised when trying to do the update but then Rootstech intervened,.


Can you tell me what happens when you try to re-import the segment data from GEDmatch? Do you get an error, or does nothing happen?

Also, would you mind emailing me the contents of your console log after you try the re-import?

  1. right-click anywhere on the web page and select “Inspect”
  2. select the “Console” tab.
  3. email the contents to dallan at, especially any red text at the bottom.


In case others see this, the solution is:

If you update your one-to-many matches, you also need to re-import your segment matches and triangulation matches from GEDmatch in order for your new one-to-many kits to show properly up in the triangulation view.

We’ll add this information to the docs.

If I want to update and reload all three gedmatch sources for a profile, will this overwrite my tree mapping assignments or conserve them? Just double checking before I do something I’d regret :slight_smile:

Your tree mapping and notes will be saved and attached to your updated files.