Adding Email field to searchable fields in DNA Tools

It would be very helpful if you could add Email to the list of searchable fields for DNA Tools. One important use is spotting records from the same email since they are typically if not always from the same family and the other use is correlating gedmatch kits with their equivalent FTDNA or other platform kit (especially because the kit names are user input and often diverge from the original kit leaving unique search strings in the email as a useful tactic


I believe email is already searchable. Just type someone’s email in the search field, or add it to the “Keywords” field in the filter. Where is it not searchable?

I was hoping like other searches that partial strings would work.

it only retrieves full email addresses.

Partial email addresses should work too.

Tested email: in gedmatch and ftdna profiles using email:mawp in the K and M tree. If you enter “mawp” in a free text search of either the ftdna or gedmatch profiles there, it finds the target records from the email text but if you use “email:mawp” it doesn’t find the targets. note the example where lgood fails to list the search target (previously retrieved to the Match Detail View with a free search.

I tried several times to get email: substrings to work but with no luck. My interest is especially in finding kits that tie gedkits and sometimes FTDNA kits to Ancestry user names now that The Snavely tool is dead. It
is often the case that kit names that are pseudonyms or only initials filled by administered by so an so will have substrings that match the account name part of email addresses.