Add notifications when To Dos are created and/or updated

To Dos are a great way to work collaboratively on a tree, but it isn’t easy to find out when someone has updated the notes in a To DO.

Would be great if there was an option to email the to do information to all (or nominated) previous contributors, eg someone else with update to the tree has an issue and has created a To Do. An option to send a notification to one or more other people who have access to the tree would be useful at that point.

I review the To Do and add some extra comments and want the person who created it to see those comments. Just send an email to them to notify the update? They might then act on those comments, add further comments and mark the to do completed. I’d really like to see that when it happens rather than have to go looking for it (and it is hard to find completed to dos at the moment).

Here is a way to notify people in comments: type an @ followed by the person’s name in the text of the comment. This will send them an email with a link to the ToDo (or whatever item you are commenting on). You can @mention as many people in your comment as you want; they will all get an email notifying them.

Problem is, I just noticed that the link in the email isn’t working. I will fix it next month. Once it is fixed, I’ll let you know here. I hope you will try it and let me know how your experience goes.


Never thought of that! Certainly works fine the first time someone is mentioned in some text, but if you do a second update and mention them again that doesn’t seem to work. Could just be me. The links just take me to the home page for the tree, even if copying and pasting them, but I can see the potential!

Well, that’s unintentional. When I fix the link, I’ll make sure that new @mentions result in new notifications as well.

The problem with the link is it contains the word “leads” but it should contain the word “hints”. If you copy it into the browser URL bar and replace leads with hints before hitting Enter, it takes you directly to the ToDo. That’s the fix I have to make there. I used to call hints & ToDos “leads”, and i forgot to update the email when I changed the name to hints.

Thanks for the extra info, and for checking re the new @mentions. Will be great to have this working as intended. Excellent feature.

Notifications for @mentions, and the link to hint pages, should be working now. Please let me know if you run into any problems.

Great news and thanks for getting to this so quickly.
However, I’m not getting it to work for me. I have logged out and logged in again, quit the browser, restarted it, logged in again, and still not getting it to work. Still not the correct link and works only for the first mention.
I’m using Google Chrome on Mac OS. Will try another browser.

I’m not sure what to tell you. The email that I receive contains a link that looks like

Would you mind forwarding the email that you receive to support at rootsfinder dot com?

I’ve tried from two logins and two browsers and get the ‘old’ result. AN email has been forwarded.

Another thing to be aware of. The email is sent even if the hint is marked completed (a useful thing to do to let someone know you just acted on and completed the hint). However, the link (when changed to the correct format) just goes to the hints page but does not open the relevant hint. This relates to my other raised issue with the need to be able to view completed hints on this page :slight_smile:

From: RootsFinder Support <>

Subject: Re: Fwd: You got a mention on RootsFinder!

Date: 12 December 2018 at 5:05:05 am ACDT

To: Marlene …

I see the issue. I had fixed the emails for @mentions in comments, but not in the text. I just fixed it for @mentions in the text as well. You may want to add @mentions in comments, not in the text (click on the comment button next to the heart at the bottom of the ToDo).

Dallan Quass

Dallan, Thanks for sorting this. I can see we were at cross-purposes as I was updating the main to do text and you were updating comments. To be honest I hadn’t even noticed that the comment option was there (thanks for pointing it out as it will help with auditing additions (person/datetime).

I’ve checked and it the commenting is working in the text (whether the first or later times the persons name appears) and working when mentioned in a comment. This is a great result.

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