Add Generations Kapow

I added generation Ancestors and one Descants I got a tree with 11 people
1 know have 1147 records and 1755 evidences and i am not even close to matching them up and linking is there something I am Missing i can imagine if i had done 4 generations
I will not surrender

I assume you are talking about importing a tree from FamilySearch. You can import up to 4 generations of ancestors, each with one generation of descendants, at once. If you want to import more generations you need to go to one of your end of lines, click on the FamilySearch icon, and select “Download more”.

no I am talking the ridiculous idea on the video suggesting to download 4 generations and 1 descendants
I downloaded 1 and 1 from that came 11 ancestors I now have over 1500 and 1900 evidences and many more to link up if I went for 4 generations i would be swamped for months

unless there is a short cut that is what I am looking for


OK then I answer my own Query I was using the people approach
now i will try the tree approach 1 know have 1700 + records all in a days work

ok here is the picture and last comment to my self
the tree is less formidable view than the people view others not much difference
thank you all