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To report a bug, please check this section first to see if it’s already been reported and get a status update. If it hasn’t been reported yet, please tell us the steps you took which led you to the problem so we can re-create and fix it. It’s also helpful to know which browser you’re using.

It’s also very helpful (but not required!) if you can include screenshots using a browser plug-in such as Awesome Screenshot, but make sure there’s no private information showing on the screen.

Reporting problems,
This is Charles Blackwell and I reported double entries and RootsFinder crashing. I just saw it crash again and many unexplained double entries. Dallan did reply back on some of the double entries but I just wanted to get some feedback that you see the issues and are looking into them. I have asked the family members of the brown family tree to not login until it is safe again to do so. Thanks so very much, Is this happening to other family trees?