Ability to control order of spouse relationships

In an earlier topic, I raised a problem with the export of the GEDCOM files in regard to birth order and relationship order. See GEDCOM export isn't taking birth order of children or date order of marriages into consideration?

The birth order is largely resolved (very few anomalies now) but the relationship order is more complex. where there are marriages with dates it now works correctly, and therefore handles many cases. However, when one or multiple relationships have no marriage date (as is common for modern relationships) the sort order is often incorrect eg my observation is that most times when there is a marriage and an unmarried relationship the marriage comes first. However, sorting of null marriage sorts to the top, so they are incorrect. Where there are no marriages for 2 or more relationships, there may be children that imply the order, but it would be rather contorted logic to try to calculate from birth order of children. And even then that doesn’t solve all scenarios.

Some software (eg Reunion) allows control of the order of relationships in the software, which is then reflected in exported GEDCOM files. I haven’t found any similar option in RootsFinder but it would solve this problem completely.

Is there a possibility of considering this capability in RootsFinder please?

Let me think about this.