A question about the Chromosome view

in this image (looking at list to right and corresponding segment…Where segments have the same address but are untriangulated… Could they not appear in separate boxes since the fact they aren’t triangulatable actually tells you they are from opposite sides?

Or should we be advised to recheck with one to one tests before assuming matches in the same box actually share the same segment? (I checked this case with 1 to 1 test since I actually know where the paternal segment came from and recognized the exception as maternal)


I’m sorry for the late reply. I’ve been out on holiday.

Matches that appear in the same segment box could be untriangulated, because one could come from the father’s side an one from the mother.

Here’s what I would suggest if you’re looking at kits from GEDmatch, which are triangulated:

  1. click on the segment box you’re interested in.
  2. click on the open eyeball, and select 0 degrees of separation, so that you filter out all other kits but the ones in the segment you clicked on.
  3. Switch to the Cluster view.
  4. At this point you will hopefully see two separate clusters. One of the clusters is going to be maternal, and the other will be paternal. You can then select the kits in each cluster and use the paint roller to assign them to maternal or paternal.

This is what I figured box wise but that’s a very helpful tip. Would be a great FV post if I may share it.

Also The fact that I do that “brute force “ phasing has me covered in gedmatch but the clusters often show up the few errors I make inferring side.

Please do! I’ve been on vacation the past couple of weeks and have gotten a bit behind…