A few cosmetic issues: darken links and input lines

Home page: Boxes for login, “Tree Name,” etc, are nearly invisible so it’s hard to know where you’re supposed to click on to type. They need to be visibly outlined.

"Content Lists" dropdown: When you click on one of the four choices, the screen that appears needs to have its name appear as a label somewhere on the blue bar at the top. Because the dropdown closes automatically, it’s easy to forget which choice you clicked on and where you are now.

Person page: Typeface color for birth, marriage, and other events is light blue, which is awfully hard for some of us old folks to read. Consider having several color scheme options under settings that would include darker colors.

Regarding home page: just to make sure I understand, you’d like the labels and underlines for the input fields “Your first name”, “Your last name”, etc. to be darker. Is that correct?

Good idea on the content lists: https://trello.com/c/o51Un3lF/172-add-content-type-to-content-list-toolbar

We’ll darken the links: https://trello.com/c/OTkKX58s/173-darken-links

Please keep the suggestions coming!

Darken input field labels and underlines

Yes. As it now is, I find myself thinking the displayed prompting-text is a label above where one is supposed to type, so I click below it. And, of course, nothing happens. The input box itself needs to be much more obviously visible.

I did some more work on this today. Input underlines and labels a somewhat darker than they were. Please let me know if it’s not enough.